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Designing and producing race proven oil pans that meet or exceed the many requirements and configuration diversities of today’s racer dictates a commitment to a specific and highly specialized field with a never-ending list of goals at hand. This commitment must also incorporate a very close working R & D relationship with countless competitive race teams across the country that provide the all too important technical feedback needed to build an oiling system. Collectively, all of this effort and data must work jointly with an “out of the box” thought process that can accept the challenges of manufacturing and complexity of an operational design. The bottom line here is results—and that’s what STEF’S Fabrication Specialties is all about—the design and fabrication of a maximum oil control system that RESULTS in the maximum achievable horsepower!

Stef's Offers Many...

While STEF’S offers many oil pan types and designs for most forms of motorsports, they all share one thing in common; method of manufacture. All STEF’S oil pans are fixture assembled and 100% heli-arc welded inside and out to produce a fully fabricated product. Unlike some brands which use OEM, IMPORTED, or OEM look-a-like dissimilar material thickness cores as their foundation, STEF’S method incorporates true finish and fitment component construction, offering matched material thickness for uniform weld penetration and the absence of mismatch or excessive material overlap which can trap dirt and debris during manufacture and operation

All Stef's Oil Pans

All STEF’S oil pans, whether constructed of steel or .090″ thick aluminum, offer reinforced pan rail and seal areas that are all block fitted prior to leak testing. For the circle track, marine, and/or any other type of steel oil pan,an additional internal welding process utilizes a special “soft-wire” welding process. This concept is considerably more forgiving to vibrational movement and is more crack resistant than other processes like MIG welding used by other oil pan manufacturers. It is our commitment to produce only the finest oil system related products for our customers. . . .That’s a promise!


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