Dry Sump Tanks – Introduction: Benefits of Fabricated Tanks
STEF’S Aluminum Dry Sump Tanks represent years of design based on one on one communication with leading race teams across the country. From day one, the design guidelines have remained the same; meeting the needs of engine builders and chassis builders alike, while incorporating STEF’S exclusive and innovative deaeration and fluid containment systems. That is why Championship engine builders have come to rely on STEF’s for race winning products.

STEF’S concept in design starts with application. Rather than modify existing designs in an effort to broaden the applications, our approach relies on STEF’S unique ability to build “ONE OFF”s which gives each customer what they need for their builds. Our revolutionary design in 1994 that incorporated a breather assembly welded to the tank is now the industry standard among our competition. STEF’s ability to work with individuals allows us to think “out of the box” when it comes to design. STEF’S tanks are constructed of superior roll formed aluminum sheets that are 100% heli-arc welded. Unlike stamped, spun, or hydro-formed styles of tanks, fabricated tanks are NOT prone to metal fatigue, cracking, and/or application limitations due to inherent design or manufacturing handicaps. In addition our one piece integral construction with no nuts, bolts, washers, clamps, or “O”-rings prevents leaks or the chance of becoming loose during the race. Cleaning and inspection is easily facilitated via an over sized filler cap. All these steps provide the best quality product for your race team.

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