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B&B now offers our most popular, pair packed, Die-Cast Aluminum Valve Covers with three styles of custom engraving. All covers are hand polished and then your choice of “factory look” ball-milling or the latest Chevrolet slogans and logo are CNC engraved into tops of valve covers. Chevrolet emblems and lettering are painted red, white and blue (unless otherwise noted).
Engraved Die-Cast Aluminum Valve Covers - “HEARTBEAT OF AMERICA” – CHEVY*
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Small-block Chevy, Tall.
Big-block Chevy, Tall.
Small-block Chevy, Stock height.
Big-block Chevy, Stock height.
Small-block Chevy, ‘87 to Present, w/screw-in Oil Fill Cap and Breather/PCV Holes.

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