Crankshaft Pulley Big Block

Aluminum Racing Pulleys

Crankshaft Pulley / Big Block Chevy
Pre 1969 / Short Water Pump

B&B’s Aluminum Pulleys are intended for applications where engine speeds exceed those of the average passenger car. By reducing the parasitic drag brought on by turning belt driven accessories faster than designed,power is increased by driving accessories such as water pumps and alternators at correct RPM ranges. Reduction pulleys also prevent premature failure of accessories caused by increased RPM in race engines. All B&B pulleys are precision cast, then machined to exacting tolerances. These deep groove pulleys are constructed to properly align with existing pulleys and contain belts at racing engine speeds. Aluminum Racing Pulleys
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Single groove, 30% reduction.
Double groove, 25% reduction.
Single groove, 50% reduction.

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