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I can’t believe it has been 20 years since we took a chance and started in a 2 car garage with 2 men and a dream. With help and dedication of family and friends, I was able to take the skills and knowledge I had learned from engine builders across the country and build a company that is now a recognized leader in the industry.

Stef’s Performance Products Inc. now proudly sits on 3 acres in Lakewood industrial park. Inside 2 buildings is housed 20k square feet of state of the art computer assisted equipment run by 20 professional people experienced in CAD, Tig Welding, metal fabrication, and CNC programming. From performance parts, military contracts, and our OEM parts, Stef’s can design and fabricate parts from mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

In 1998 Stefs acquired B&B Performance Products. The B&B product line provided engine builders with unique products and tools to compliment Stef’s oiling system product line. Today B&B offers a broad line of 600 specialty tools and other items that rage from induction to oil pan related areas of the engine. This complete line of products is fast becoming the product line engine builders rely on.

The future of Stefs Fabrication Specialties and B&B Performance  looks bright as the company contiunes to throttle forward towards the next 20 years. WHo would have thought that my passion as a kid in the 60′s would have become my legacy in my future.

I am proud of so many innovations over the last 20 years but nothing compares to how proud I was to have my son, Pat, join the company in 2006. Pat brings the same passion of making horsepower that I hadwith a new thirst of wanting to try new things and to push the edge of making power. His added enthusiasim has brought more life to the company and a new drive to go forward in this second decade of the millenium.

I personally would appreciate you taking the time toi browse through our newly combined Stef’s and B&B website and performance catalog. We worked hard to combine the catalog into a user friendly reference for all you performance parts needs.

Stef’s Performance Products Inc. and B&B will continue to strive to give you horsepower making praducts that you need and value… and along with that customer service and technical support unsurpassed by anyone in the industry.

Thank You… You the customer for believeing is us and allowing us to be your “Go To” Oil Pan Manufacturer.

Joe Stefanacci
Founder, President

Thank You from all of us at Stef’s

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